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In 1989, TOA-CHUGOKU PAINTS CO., LTD. was established as joint-venture company between TOA Paint (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand, and Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd., Japan (has over 100 years experiences), to manufacture marine coatings, heavy duty coatings, industrial coatings, container coatings and wood coatings in Thailand and extend the same standard and quality attained in Japan to this region. By using professional technology of Chugoku Marine Paints, Ltd., TOA-CHUGOKU PAINTS CO., LTD. has successfully obtained the official approval from many contractors, consultants, owners and gained various experiences and track records from construction sites and marine paint users in this region. In 2003, TOA-CHUGOKU PAINTS CO., LTD. has been approved ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. Now, TOA-CHUGOKU PAINTS CO., LTD. is focusing on an additional objective to harmonize man with nature. We look forward to the future, with confident that we can play a leading part in the development of our industries, and using our creativity and imagination, in order to help to protect and conserve the environment for us all.

Principles of the Chugoku Marine Paints Group


ECOLOGY Harmony with the environment 'Ecology' is an important cornerstone in the development of new technologies at CHUGOKU whose priority is to develop products that harmonize man with nature. Inspired by nature and our policy of improving the environment, we will positively promote environmentally friendly products, such as tin free anti-fouling paints and Fetid Free container interior paint.

Princeples of the Chugoku Marine Paitns Group


INOVATION Innovative technology - taking a global view We search worldwide for the latest, most advanced and innovative technologies. We know that our future depends not only on the continued development of high-grade coatings, but on the improvement of application systems as well. Using advanced techniques such as robotics and computerization, CHUGOKU has developed a variety of paint systems, which offer excellent corrosion protection while reducing the number of coats, thus benefitting both our customers and the environment.

Princeples of the Chugoku Marine Paitns Group


QUALITY Development and Manufacturing of products with consistent high quality Continue CHUGOKU's legacy of developing and manufacturing consistently quality products designed to meet customer needs the world over.

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